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SupermodelMe TV

SUPERMODELME is a reality-based tv program that features female models of Asian heritage, vying to kick-start their careers in the fashion industry.

Starlight Alchemy was invited by television producers to collaborate with famed photographer, Benjamin von Wong for the finale episode of the season. We create a stunning series of fiery photos for the season’s finalists.

For more information about Benjamin von Wong, please visit his website:

The Flower of Life & The Infinite Self

Commissioned for Singapore Night Festival 2017, this mesmerising geodesic dome invites audiences in for a reflective and meditative journey.

The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self consists of two symbiotic pieces: a geodesic dome with a tessellated fabric roof resembling the flower of life, and interior walls mounted with geometrically arranged convex mirrors that form dynamic reflections of visitors as they walk around the dome. Drawing inspiration from Buckminster Fuller and M.C. Escher, this artwork presents a different persona during the day and night, providing visitors with a colourful meditative atmosphere under geometry and reflections.

Available for bookings.This installation is independently lit using battery and solar powered lights. Please contact us for more details.

Under the Gelam Trees

A park make-over project that features a magic grass-carpet swing and upcycled park benches. Commissioned by Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Our Favourite Places Pop-up.

We enlivened a small, tranquil park at Sultan Gate by building one-of-its-kind over-sized geometric park benches, family-friendly picnic tables and a giant magic grass-carpet swing. As a result many groups of friends and families now share quality time eating, laughing, and playing together in Kampong Gelam, Under the Gelam Trees.

BOOM! – NAC Arts In Your Neighbourhood

A flaming spectacular rooted close to home. “BOOM!” is a 25-minute staged fire-theatre act commissioned by the National Arts Council for their Arts In Your Neighbourhood programme in November 2017

Inspired by the transformation of Jurong from a swampland to the industrialised engine of modern Singapore that it is known for, BOOM! combined acrobatics and fire-dancing to tell the story of Jurong’s industrial boom.

Fire Conclave – Burning Man 2016

We flew our fire props and ourselves to join 600+ select fire artists for the world’s largest fire performance at Burning Man.

Burning Man is 7-day art festival that takes place in Black Rock City, a temporary desert metropolis dedicated to art and community. The Fire Conclave is the largest convergence of fire artists in the world.

The Net

Starlight Alchemy combines fibre optic technology and the ancient art of macrame to make an installation piece for Night Lights.

The Arabic weavers’ of the 13 century used the “Macrame” traditional form of textile-making fabric using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Starlight Alchemy combines fibre optic technology and the ancient art of macrame to make an installation piece for Night Lights. Previously having used the same technique to make a performance tool, They have expanded the performance tool into an installation under the arches of the Museum.

Alchemy – Singapore Night Festival

“Alchemy” a three part (90min) stage production commission for Singapore Night Festival 2015. Hosted in front of Singapore Art Museum.

Alchemy a simple tale of two elemental beings – Apollo, from the world of Ethereal Light and Nuri, from the world of Eternal Flame, who discover each other. These Light and Flame worlds serve as the inspiration for Alchemy, a fire and LED light installation, set aglow at the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum. Alchemy is a work that signals the harmonious resolution of differences between entities that seem distinct on the outside, but can only exist in the presence of each other.






Always in pursuit of understanding the workings of the mind, Barry indulges in ‘live’ experiments to nurture his own mind.

His current experiments include running the Alternative Store, a lifestyle shop, along side Going OM, a chill-out café & bar, and Starlight Alchemy. You may sometimes catch him gleefully observing people bewildered at fast-moving colourful lights or gasping at the sight of huge fire balls! He plays poi and breaths fire.


Bel is a well-rounded dancer who has trained in Latin Ballroom, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Jazz and Middle Eastern Dance.

Her passion for dance was fused together with blinky lights and sizzling fire after watching fire dancing in 2002, leading to the present day quirky, entertaining, sensuous performer. She plays with palm torches, fire belt, fans, staff and any other toys that go VOOM! Other skills include hosting events and inhaling caffeine.


 Johari is driven by a singular artistic vision of Starlight Alchemy, and is constantly at the forefront of making this vision a reality.

He challenges and motivates the group, while sacrificing his house and his shop as Starlight Alchemy’s HQ. During the week, Johari is one of Singapore’s most illustrious perfumer who runs Sifr Aromatics.


Khaliq is the youngest in Starlight Alchemy. He specialises in poi, flame throwers and making fire rain.

A grease monkey that spends his days repairing military vehicles. Khaliq transforms when night begins, and brightens up the night with his skilful poi moves. He is also our go-to handy man, who enjoys assembling and building artworks for Starlight Alchemy.


Lizzie designs and hand sews one-of-a-kind costumes, and organises shows for Starlight Alchemy.

On the path to becoming a full-fledged costume designer, Lizzie loves experimenting with fabrics and pattern making while spending countless hours hiding in her sewing room, drinking copious amounts of coffee. Lizzie performs with levitation wand, hula hoop, poi, fans and swords. When Lizzie is not performing, she holds a weekly hula-hoop workshops, Hoop Flow Sessions.

Starlight Alchemy featured in global launch campaign for Huawei P8

What do you get when you put Starlight Alchemy together with famous photographer Benjamin von Wong? Fire and passion. That’s what. ENJOY!

Starlight Alchemy featured on SupermodelMe

Starlight Alchemy is happy to be featured on the season finale of SupermodelMe Sirens with photographer Von Wong. Sizzling hot models? Great balls of fire? Hell yeah!!!