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The Flower of Life & The Infinite Self

Commissioned for Singapore Night Festival 2017, this mesmerising geodesic dome invites audiences in for a reflective and meditative journey.

The Flower of Life and the Infinite Self consists of two symbiotic pieces: a geodesic dome with a tessellated fabric roof resembling the flower of life, and interior walls mounted with geometrically arranged convex mirrors that form dynamic reflections of visitors as they walk around the dome. Drawing inspiration from Buckminster Fuller and M.C. Escher, this artwork presents a different persona during the day and night, providing visitors with a colourful meditative atmosphere under geometry and reflections.

Available for bookings.This installation is independently lit using battery and solar powered lights. Please contact us for more details.

Under the Gelam Trees

A park make-over project that features a magic grass-carpet swing and upcycled park benches. Commissioned by Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Our Favourite Places Pop-up.

We enlivened a small, tranquil park at Sultan Gate by building one-of-its-kind over-sized geometric park benches, family-friendly picnic tables and a giant magic grass-carpet swing. As a result many groups of friends and families now share quality time eating, laughing, and playing together in Kampong Gelam, Under the Gelam Trees.

The Net

Starlight Alchemy combines fibre optic technology and the ancient art of macrame to make an installation piece for Night Lights.

The Arabic weavers’ of the 13 century used the “Macrame” traditional form of textile-making fabric using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Starlight Alchemy combines fibre optic technology and the ancient art of macrame to make an installation piece for Night Lights. Previously having used the same technique to make a performance tool, They have expanded the performance tool into an installation under the arches of the Museum.


Commissioned for Singapore Night Festival 2015. This 6m tall kinetic light sculpture is Starlight Alchemy’s first bold step into interactive art installations.

Deep within :Helix, our dreams lie dormant.

Inspired by the genetic instructions that govern all biological life, :Helix invites active participation, through music and motion capture. Participants rediscover themselves by making :Helix an extension of their inner selves.

Blending both Art and Science, :Helix consists of 35 polycarbonate tubes fitted with a sequence of programmable LED lights. These lights dance are triggered by participants through motion capture and form complex patterns of vibrant colour along the entire length of :Helix. :Helix is arranged along a flexible core, enabling it to twist and turn, creating an almost organic movement that plays along with the brilliant display on its body. :Helix is a mirror into our genetic memories, which reminds us that we each have an ability to dream further than what we were made to do.

Original concept by Max Pagel. Built by Starlight Alchemy. Programming by Max Pagel.

Fire Helix

Featuring over 70 points of fire, Starlight Alchemy’s Fire Helix is a first of it’s kind in the world!

Starlight Alchemy’s Fire Helix is the world’s first kinetic sculpture that creates twin binding spiral patterns as it spins on it’s axis. It’s beautiful movements is designed to remind the audience of the double helix that holds our the key to our individual DNA.

Built by Josh Goh and Khaliq Abul.


An original Starlight Alchemy creation. Our Candles come in a variety of organic shapes that hold illuminated balls.

Lightweight, portable, collapsible and equally beautiful on stage or in a room. Candles just make ambient illumination so much more seductive.

Original concept by Josh Goh.

Built by Josh Goh and Khaliq Abdul.

Fire Flies

Fire Flies are lightweight, beautiful, portable and great hand held or set on stage as stage lighting.

Inspired by Sean & Prisna, creators behind Flowtoys, Starlight Alchemy’s Fire Flies have time and again delighted audiences with their unpredictable springy movements, and countless points of fire that light up a stage.

Built by Josh Goh and Khaliq Abdul.

Activated Costumes

Music activated costumes. Original concept by Lizzie You.